Monday, March 7, 2011

34 and 35 weeks

Sorry I have been slacking some, but I will try and get all caught up. Last week Baby's fluid was up and down. It actually dropped down to 6.58 and I was worried that they were going to be admitting me to the hospital. Luckily by Thursday it was back up to just under 10. She passed both of her NST's with flying colors and I was told she was looking great!. This week has started off pretty good. Her fluid is now up into a normal range which is awesome! She passed her NST and was very active the whole time. However she has decide that it would be much more comfortable to go back to the transverse position. Her head is on my right side and her back is along my diaphragm with her little feet dangling down my left. When I went to bed last night I know she was head down. I have been so uncomfortable and the pressure down there is almost unbearable by bedtime. I felt her moving a lot durning the night and when I woke up this morning the pain and pressure was gone. The little stinker!!! So I am hoping she will do all of this on her own and I will not have to even worry about anything. After the NST/AFI I had a OB appt. We set her induction date for March 21st! That is exactly 14 days from today! I am so excited!!! My doc said he would try and slide her back down if she hasn't done it on her own the morning of the induction. If that is not successful I will have a c-section. I honestly do not care how she gets here as long as she is healthy and ALIVE!!! I have actually experienced every kind of normal vag delivery you can have, so I guess a c-section would just add one more type to my list. I am going to just stay positive and hope that by Thursday when I go back she has slid back to head down.