Monday, February 21, 2011

33 weeks.... The bed rest has begun!

This week has been a rough one to say the least. Baby girl's fluid dropped. Just a little over a month ago it measured at 14.8. Between 10-15 is considered normal. We were so excited because I have always had issues with fluid levels. At 31 weeks I went in and her fluid was still normal at 13. I was still very happy! At exactly 32 weeks I started my weekly NST (non-stress test) and AFI (Amniotic fluid index) checks. Her fluid on that day was down to 8-9. They didn't seem too worried and told me to just increase my fluid intake. I went back 4 days later and her fluid was down to 7. I was really bummed. I just wanted so badly for everything to be OK and not have to worry. I was told I could no longer work and I had to go to bed. I thought for sure the bed rest would help. Again I went back 4 days later and nope there was NO improvement. Her fluid still measured at 7. On top of that baby's heart rate stayed at 200 for almost an hour and around 180 for even longer then that. Anything over 160 for an extended period of time can mean that the baby is in distress. Eventually her heart rate came down into a normal range and we were able to go home for the weekend. I go back again tomorrow. I pray there has been improvement, but my gut is telling me that I will be admitted to the hospital. I honestly do not know why I feel this way, but I guess you can call it motherly intuition. I sure hope we don't have to be admitted, but the increased monitoring and IV fluids will help to put my heart at ease. At least I knew the doctors are doing everything they can to get this baby as close to term as possible.

Here we are at 33 weeks. I am trying to take my pictures with the same shirt, so you can see the difference from week to week. My stomach is def. smaller than it was 6 weeks ago. I wonder if it will continue to get smaller rather than bigger???


  1. I hope that her fluid will go back up instead of going down. Do they think they will deliver her soon?

  2. Praying for you honey! I hope she's able to stay in there for a while longer!

  3. Praying some extra prayers for you. Take care and Baby say put a little longer.