Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A busy week

Monday after work I went over to my doctor's office to get my progesterone shot, find out my results from the 1hr glucose and find out when he wanted me to start my steroid shots. Unfortunately I failed my glucose test, so I get to go have the 3hr test this Saturday. I wasn't too far off (153 and I should have been 135) so I am confident that I will pass the 3hr. He sent me right over to L&D to be monitored, checked and to get get my Rhogam and steroid shot. Of course Brisa had to be in a funky transverse position and they couldn't find her heartbeat. They had to get out their little US machine to find it and then they were able to hook me up. She passed her NST with flying colors... GOOD GIRL!!! I had zero contractions. Thank goodness or I'm afraid they would have kept me longer. However I have started to dilate =( I am only a fingertip, but with Brisa being Transverse or sideways I have no pressure on my cervix. Both the doctor and I think I will start into preterm labor as soon as she turns head down. My goal for her for is to stay the way she is or turn back breech for the next little while. I really need her to stay in for at least 6 more weeks! I think she will with rest and help from drugs!!! I have managed to keep my others in till 36 and 37 weeks this way, so I know we can do it! I have Procardia that I take every 6 hrs to help ward off contractions and it seems to be helping! We shall see what the next couple of weeks bring for us!

This week has def. been a very busy week in the baby department!


  1. Praying she stays in there longer. Also praying you pass the 3 hr test. Thining of you both.

  2. Praying that your test goes well and that Brisa stays put.