Monday, January 31, 2011

30 weeks

I have met another goal! Only a few more left before She came make her grand appearance without too much worry. This last week went buy really well. I had very few contractions and I have started feeling better. I was able to take my IV out on Friday and I am "drug" free other than my regular meds!!! Baby girl as found a good position and is kicking up a storm. She loves to push up on my ribs while bouncing off my bladder. I have had to make mad dashes to the bathroom just so I didn't pee my pants. She is such a stinker! I guess she will fit in perfectly at our house.

We finally got up the courage to clean out the computer room and set up her crib. We also washed all the baby clothes we had tucked away from her bothers and sister. They are neatly folded and sitting in her bassinet. My mom has been bust making receiving blankets, burp cloths and quilts for her. This will be the last grand baby for my parents, so I guess she will be extra spoiled! I have yet to pull out the sewing machine to do anything for her. I just haven't built up the courage yet. I hope to find it very soon.

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  1. Yay for another goal. I remember those mad dashes to the bathroom. We didn't put the crib or anything til two wks before I was due. I just couldn't do it. I hope you find your courage soon. {{HUGS}} Keeping you in my prayers.