Monday, January 31, 2011

30 weeks

I have met another goal! Only a few more left before She came make her grand appearance without too much worry. This last week went buy really well. I had very few contractions and I have started feeling better. I was able to take my IV out on Friday and I am "drug" free other than my regular meds!!! Baby girl as found a good position and is kicking up a storm. She loves to push up on my ribs while bouncing off my bladder. I have had to make mad dashes to the bathroom just so I didn't pee my pants. She is such a stinker! I guess she will fit in perfectly at our house.

We finally got up the courage to clean out the computer room and set up her crib. We also washed all the baby clothes we had tucked away from her bothers and sister. They are neatly folded and sitting in her bassinet. My mom has been bust making receiving blankets, burp cloths and quilts for her. This will be the last grand baby for my parents, so I guess she will be extra spoiled! I have yet to pull out the sewing machine to do anything for her. I just haven't built up the courage yet. I hope to find it very soon.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A rough week!!!

This week has been a rough week to say the least! All weekend I experienced weird surges in my back and down my legs. They wrapped around my sides but never went all the way around my stomach. They would last for hours and I even had to go in to get a couple of shots of Brethine to get them to stop. Tuesday morning I woke up to a raging ear ache in my left ear. The canal had swollen shut. I decided to call in for a sub and I was just so thankful I had my student teacher who could plan most of the day for me. I had to go over just to get a few things ready, but I was able to go home and try and rest. The pain was so intense that I didn't do much sleeping, but at least I didn't have to work!
I was able to get a doctor's appt with my family practice doc that morning and it was all down hill from there. I had a major breakdown in the office and told him how scared I was to be dealing with ear issues again. I dealt with them all through Juanito's pregnancy and I lost him. How was I going to get through this again. I just love my doc! He understood me completely and was so compasionate! He took one look at my ear and said that he didn't want to play around with this. he got right on the phone and ordered IV antibiotics. He knows my history and he didn't want to risk anything with this baby girl!!!
After I left his office I felt better, but I was still very scared and I wanted to talk to my OB about all of it. I called and spoke to his nurse who was a complete jerk. She didn't feel like I needed to be seen and that I was overreacting. She had the nerve to tell me everything was going to be fine. Does she not remember that she said the same thing to me with Juanito and it wasn't fine. I was livid and asked her to please talk to the doctor and call me back. She called back a couple of hours later and made sure to tell me that THEY didn't feel it was necessary to see me, but if I wanted to come in I could.
At 1:40 I went in and when she took me back she told me to quit my crying. I wasn't even crying. I looked at her and told her that if she was in this much pain and this sick she would look this way too. When the doctor came in I made sure to tell him how she made me feel and that they were working for me. I didn't deserve to be treated that way. I had lost a son and she needed to be sensitive towards that!
He was amazing and listened. He spent a good 30 minutes with me explaining the antibiotics I was going to be on and talking about the next few weeks. He checked my cervix and I was so happy to hear that I hadn't changed. Still only a fingertip!!! I left the appt feeling better! I even got an apology from his nurse. She tried to give me a hug, but I wouldn't hug her back. I just explained to her that there are certain ways to treat a BLM and she needed to be careful with her patients who have suffered a loss. I also mentioned that some of the things she said to me she should never say to a patient in general. We are all looking for support through this and that I didn't need opinions!
After all of that I was exhausted and went home to bed. I broke down and took a loratab because the pain was so intense. Around 5:00pm a home health nurse came and placed my IV. It was nice to be able to tell her which vein to use because it is the best. The IV slipped in very easily and I will be giving myself Rocefin for the next week. I just pray this is the last time I have to go through all of this!!!
Here is a pic of the IV I get to sport for the week. Sorry no face shots, cuz I look horrible!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A busy week

Monday after work I went over to my doctor's office to get my progesterone shot, find out my results from the 1hr glucose and find out when he wanted me to start my steroid shots. Unfortunately I failed my glucose test, so I get to go have the 3hr test this Saturday. I wasn't too far off (153 and I should have been 135) so I am confident that I will pass the 3hr. He sent me right over to L&D to be monitored, checked and to get get my Rhogam and steroid shot. Of course Brisa had to be in a funky transverse position and they couldn't find her heartbeat. They had to get out their little US machine to find it and then they were able to hook me up. She passed her NST with flying colors... GOOD GIRL!!! I had zero contractions. Thank goodness or I'm afraid they would have kept me longer. However I have started to dilate =( I am only a fingertip, but with Brisa being Transverse or sideways I have no pressure on my cervix. Both the doctor and I think I will start into preterm labor as soon as she turns head down. My goal for her for is to stay the way she is or turn back breech for the next little while. I really need her to stay in for at least 6 more weeks! I think she will with rest and help from drugs!!! I have managed to keep my others in till 36 and 37 weeks this way, so I know we can do it! I have Procardia that I take every 6 hrs to help ward off contractions and it seems to be helping! We shall see what the next couple of weeks bring for us!

This week has def. been a very busy week in the baby department!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

27 week US and MFM appointment

I had my 27 week MFM appt and ultrasound on Friday. Baby girl is measuring in at a hefty 2 pounds 9 ounces and that lands her in the 71st percentile. My fluid levels were at 14.8 which is within normal limits!!! I was so excited to hear that. She is laying transverse (sideways) right now. That has made my belly really go lopsided...LOL I will post a pic and you can see for yourself. The Peri thought that my preterm labor will increase as soon as she is head down, so I will be having steroid shots this week and if I haven't delivered by 32 weeks we will do them again. Today I feel optimistic that I will be able to hold off labor for awhile and I want to be ablt to make it to 37 weeks or more if I can.

Here is her little profile. Her knee is sitting right in front of her nose!!!
He we both are at 27 weeks.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dr. Appointment and Paranoia

I had a regular OB appt. yesterday. All was well. My Bp was 110/84. The diastolic was a little high for me, but it is still within the normal limits. My pee looked good. Nothing to report there and Brisa's HB was in the upper 140's/lower 150's. We scheduled my 1 hour glucose for this Friday and he talked to me about the steroid shots yet again because the I am on the Procardia and I am still cramping, contracting. I asked if we could wait until after my MFM appt and ultrasound on Friday, so I could discuss it all with them and see how my fluid levels were doing. He thought that was a great idea. I think the biggest thing he was concerned with is the fact that I have been sick for the past 2 1/2 weeks. He feels like it has become bronchitis and he put me on a Z pak. I am hoping by tomorrow that I will feel a lot better.

After my appt. I couldn't shake this feeling that something was wrong. I had no reason for it and I have been pretty good and keeping that feeling at bay, but I guess my paranoia is back and I am not going to get rid of it until this little girl is safe in my arms. She has been less active the past few days and I am sure that has a lot to do with my worries. I also have been sick and when I don't feel good my emotions and imagination run wild. I just wish I knew everything was OK and will be OK. I know my ultrasound on Friday will help tons with knowing she is still growing and developing they way she should. I am praying that my fluid levels are still in a normal range. Maybe it's the whole fact that I have a US this week that is freaking me out. Hmmm... I don't know, but I don't like the feeling one bit and I think I may just use the doppler a lot more this week!!!

Baby Girl, you need to be a good girl this week for mommy! She isn't feeling good and she is a little stressed. Make sure you are giving me some extra kicks and punches so I can feel better about things!!!

If you read this before I realized I posted part of her name, you are very lucky!!! I didn't want to do her big name revile quite yet...ooops on my part.