Monday, December 6, 2010

A New Rainbow!!!

Those of you who follow Juanito's blog have heard me post about a wonderful cousin of mine who lost a baby boy just a month prior to me losing Juanito. Although we have never been ones to talk everyday on the phone we have kept each other very close to our hearts. We share a bond that no 2 cousins should ever have to share. We both have sweet angel boys looking down on us! Well I just received a text from my mom stating that Megan delivered her sweet rainbow baby girl Makenna 3 weeks early weighing in at a nice 7lbs 10oz. Both mom and baby are doing great!!! My heart is so full right now that I can't even explain what I am feeling for Megan and her little family. Hearing about this little rainbow being born brings me hope! Hope that I too will get to bring little Brisa home, hope that many more rainbows will be born healthy and happy over these next few months and hope that my little family too will be filled with some much needed happiness that was lost when Juanito returned to Heaven.