Thursday, December 2, 2010

My 1st 20 weeks in pictures

Here are my first 20 weeks in Ultrasound pictures. Unfortunately I do not have a scanner, so the quality of the pictures are not great and to make it worse I developed low fluid around week 15, so some of the pictures are harder to distinguish the features. I still cherish these pictures very much and I wouldn't trade them for anything! You can tell she has grown and developed into a sweet little baby and I can't wait to see her again in 8 days!!!

5 weeks 3 days
6 weeks 4 days
7 weeks 4 days
10 weeks 2 days
13 weeks 3 days baby waving!
13 weeks 3 days Baby sucking thumb!
15 weeks 3 days This when I was diagnosed with low fluid =( but you can still see her profile.
16 weeks 6 days. The day we found out for she was a girl!!! Just as the tech was going to snap the picture she crossed her legs... LOL
16 weeks 6 days Profile with her little hand by her face.
18 weeks 3 days This is a vaginal US she has her legs positioned in a froggie style. Her spine is at the bottom of the picture if that helps.
18 weeks 3 days This one is another froggies style vag US. She is for sure a girl!!!
19 weeks a picture of her lips. She did not want to show off her whole face.
19 weeks Yet another picture showing she is in fact a girl. See the 3 lines???
19 weeks This is a picture of her right arm and hand.

My intentions were to get all of my belly pictures on here as well, but I forgot to upload my pictures from my camera (pregnancy Brain BIG TIME!!!), so I will get that done this weekend. So for now I will put what I do have up and then fill in the "gaps" with the ones on my camera.

16 weeks
18.6 weeks
20 weeks
21.5 weeks