Monday, December 13, 2010

23 weeks, MFM appointment and Labor & Delivery

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So I have officially hit 23 weeks and it feels so good to be at this point. I have renewed hope and expectations for this pregnancy. I feel "free" to a certain extent now that I can only compare this pregnancy to my other living children and I can already see that this little girl is following in her big sister's footsteps! She is going to be a trouble maker!!!

I have been seeing Perinatologists about every 4 weeks because of my past history and it feels nice to know I am being watched very carefully. I went in for another level 2 ultrasound on Friday. All I can say is it was the best visit I have had so far! Baby girl had caught up (she measured about 4 days behind last time.) and she weighed a whopping 1lb 5 oz! My baby is now considered VIABLE!!! She even had a pocket of fluid that measured over 5cm. According to the peri. my fluid issues are no more! She even gave the tech a run for her money today. She was so active and squirmy that it was hard to get all the measurements she needed. She was breech and the tech told me that her head is oval and that is typical of breech babies. I giggled and told her that oval heads are a trait of my family and that Noodle would fit right in with her brothers and sister. I left that appt. feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Then the weekend came and all hell broke loose. I started contracting like crazy and had to visit L&D. When I first arrived they did all the standard tests... Pee in a cup, Fetal Fibronectin (This test shows if FFN has been released into the cervix. If it has it is likely that delivery of the baby will take place within the next few weeks), checking my cervix and hooking me up to the monitors. My cervix was thick and closed so I figured I would get Brethine, the contractions would stop and I would be sent home with no reason as to why. Well that sort of happened with a small glitch. My FFN test came back inconclusive and I am extremely worried about that. The nurse tried to reassure me that because my cervix is thick and closed that they were not to worried about delivery any time soon. I on the other hand know that my body does not play around when it comes time to deliver. My longest delivery has been 7 hours and with Juanito my labor only lasted 4 hours. I was 21 weeks and it should have taken much longer.
I almost feel like the nurse didn't take me as seriously as she probably should have given my history. When I first arrived she tried to tell me that I wasn't having contractions and it was probably bladder spasms or my bowls. I kept telling her that it didn't feel like either, but I couldn't convince her. I was so thankful that the monitors were able to pick up the contractions after I settled in or I honestly do not know what she would have done.

I do have a doctor's appt today at 4:10 and I plan on discussing everything with my doc. I want to make a plan!!! I am going to ask to be put on Procardia for preterm labor and I am going to discuss steroid shots with him. Now that Noodle is viable I am going to fight until I am blue in the face. I want and need this little girl to come home safe and sound with me and I will not take no or inadequate care for an answer!!!


  1. I'm so sorry about your scare, but yay for viability! Let us know what your doctor says today.

  2. i do not blame you! FIGHT AWAY sista :) Hugs!

  3. Def fight all you can to get what you want!! I've had the fFN before and for it to come back inconclusive I would think they would want to keep a close eye on you. I'm glad you've reach the viability stage!

  4. You go mama! Do what you need to do for Noodle.

  5. Sorry about the scare. Do what you gotta do.
    Praying always.